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New Zealand Fundraising Companies

New Zealand fundraiser

New Zealand has won more Olympic gold medals, per capita, than any other country. So you might say that Kiwis excel at excelling- and with fundraising it's no different. There are many successful fundraising companies located in New Zealand with products and services ranging from Kaboodle Bags to Kiwi Clings. The beautiful country of New Zealand is sure to have whatever fundraising solutions you're seeking.

New Zealand companies do not participate in our fundraising information request service.

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Featured New Zealand Fundraising Companies

Fast Fundraising New Zealand - Fundraising tools for New Zealand groups and individuals. Great profits, easy to organise fundraising ideas. [Mt. Maunganui] □


More New Zealand Fundraising Companies

Annies Marlborough Ltd - Hundreds of clubs, groups and organisations have used Annies natural fruit products to boost funds while increasing health awareness. [New Zealand Fundraising]

Aqua Plus Bottled Water - Aqua Plus custom branded bottled water offers a unique fundraising opportunity for those seeking a continual source of funds.  [New Zealand Fundraising]

Burrows Jam - Part of the tradition of Burrowes Jam is its popularity as a set of products for fund-raising projects. The original owners came up with an idea which grew from their own experiences in trying to raise money for the various events and trips that their children were involved in. [New Zealand Fundraising]

Fundraising Institute of New Zealand - The professional body for those employed in or involved with fundraising, sponsorship and events in the not-for-profit sector. [New Zealand Fundraising]

Cadbury Confectionery Ltd. - Cadbury is a name all New Zealanders trust, with the taste everybody loves. When you choose Cadbury for your next fundraiser, you'll discover that it practically sells itself. [New Zealand Fundraising]

Chill Out - Would you like to have something special at your event and on top of that get a donation for your school or organization? Yes? We give 30% of our sales to schools or to non profit organizations! [New Zealand Fundraising]

Geared New Zealand -  Purchasing ROADWORKS jackets from your school, pre-school, club or not-for-profit organisation is an easy option for parents, a great fundraising opportunity and an excellent safety initiative your organisation can provide. [New Zealand Fundraising]

Glowsticks - Looking to sell Glow Sticks and make money? We have put together the 'Ultimate Guide to Fundraising with Glow Sticks' to give you some great guidelines and ideas when selling Glow Sticks. [New Zealand Fundraising]

House of Fundraising -  Raising money has never been easier!  Painless fundraising for your organisation. We have over 20 years experience in the fundraising market. We really do have all the answers.  [New Zealand Fundraising]

InterWorld Fundraising -  If you need to fundraise for your project you have come to the right place!  We make fundraising faster, easier and more profitable! At Interworld Fundraising we are focused on helping you achieve your fundraising goals quickly and with a minimum of fuss.  [New Zealand Fundraising]

Kaboodle Bags - Our online fundraising system is completely automated. You get access to your very own webpage where you can track the progress of your fundraising. All you have to do is register your organisation and advertise your fundraiser. [New Zealand Fundraising]

Kids Art Works - An all year round fundraiser, Kids Art Works high quality glossy greeting cards can be done on their own, or in conjunction with the calendars.  [New Zealand Fundraising]

Kids Creations - School fundraising ideas with calendars, cards, diaries, mousemats & cookbooks. "Fundraising with Flexibility".  [New Zealand Fundraising]

Kiwi Clings - We are pleased to give you the opportunity to use KiwiClings as a great way to raise extra funds for your organisation. KiwiClings are a relatively new product to New Zealand and offer an excitingly different idea for fundraising.  [New Zealand Fundraising]

Lisa Wells Fundraising Ltd - Our successful programmes utilise proven fundraising principles and techniques.  [New Zealand Fundraising]

Tasman Bay Food Group - Schools and clubs are always looking for fundraising opportunities that work. The Juicies fundraiser is a proven option that gives families the chance to buy Juicies normally only available at schools as well as offering schools and clubs a good profit.  [New Zealand Fundraising]

Your Fast Shop - Shop online for free fundraising for your school, club or charity.   [New Zealand Fundraising]