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Maine Fundraising Companies

Maine fundraiser

In Eastport, Maine, sunrise comes sooner than in any other place in America, that's because it's the eastern-most city in the U.S. Maine is also home to many great fundraising companies, so if it's dawning on you that your group needs a new fundraising campaign, perhaps one of these Pine Tree State-based companies can help shed some light on how to raise more money at your next event.

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Atwood Lobster, LLC - Live Maine lobster for fund raising. We tell you how to handle them, cook them, eat them, and we take care of all the shipping, no hassle, just good food and profits! [Spruce Head] 

Baxter Tea Company - Our fundraisers are successful because we offer reasonably priced products; no up-front costs to your organization; and our products sell equally well year around. [Gardiner, Maine]

Bulletin Bottle water bottles can be printed with your logo, artwork, or message and resold in your community. Purchase our reusable water bottles in advance and resell them as a fundraiser and through friends/family. [Scarborough]

Castine Candle Company - We believe in the power of a group to accomplish great things. We would be honored to help your organization meet fundraising goals. As we mentioned, if you have scents you just can't live without, we can adjust the order form to accommodate your wishes. [Benton]

CORE Solutions is an event planning, fundraising and marketing company specializing in nonprofits and small businesses. We aim to improve effectiveness, raise awareness and build long-lasting relationships between communities, businesses and organizations. [Augusta]

Designs by Lucinda - Our pins sell themselves. It all starts by wearing a pin and carrying ten in your purse. Lucinda pins are conversation starters that produce on the spot sales as soon as people see them. Our highly visible fundraising pins affect awareness for the non profits selling them. [Portland]

Maine Athletic Fundraising - Every year teams depend on Maine Athletic Fundraising to help them reach their financial goals. We've spent years refining our program & have gained an understanding of what works & what doesn't in fundraising. [Biddeford]

Whitney Wreath - Whether you're looking for a fresh Christmas wreath for your own door, those of family and friends, or a Christmas wreath to serve as a club or organizational fund raiser, the high quality, hand made Christmas wreaths from Whitney Wreath will always be the perfect choice! [Whitneyville]