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Giftwrap & Greeting Card Fundraiser

greeting card & giftwrap fundraiser

The best gift wrap I've ever used was purchased from a fundraising campaign, and today they offer so much more than just quality gift wrap, they offer greeting cards, gift tags, ribbons and gift items as well. Many schools and other institutions have banned the selling of food-stuffs as fundraisers, so the gift wrap movement began and is still growing strong, even in markets where food-stuffs are still allowed, many organizations have stuck with gift wrap and greeting cards because they are so successful. The following companies can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about gift wrap fundraising, why not contact one of them today and discuss your next campaign?

Featured Giftwrap & Greeting Card Fundraising Companies - Greeting cards and holiday shoppers. Offering both affordable and the highest quality greeting cards, lovely gift items and tasty holiday treats, allowing everyone to afford to support your group. 50% profit, Free shipping! Get a free sample kit - toll free (1-888-440-4114) [Champlain, New York]

More Giftwrap & Greeting Card Fundraising Companies

A+ Fundraising Partners offers a wide variety of fundraising programs and school services in the St. Louis and metro area, including gift wrap, magazines, chocolates, candies and more! [St. Louis, Missouri]

Believe Kids Fundraising - Profit 50% + 1% + sign-on bonus. Voted #1 catalog. Free daily dog tags, prizes, promo gear, teacher incentives, top sellers, kickoffs, Spanish trans. Earn $50,000+ in all 50 states! [Centennial, Colorado] □ 

Emerald Valley - Great fundraiser for any organization with our gift wraps beef sticks, cookie dough, flower bulbs, candy bars, first aid kits, coffee, cheesecake and more. [Eugene, Oregon]

HappyMail, Inc. - Fundraising with a product that makes a difference and makes you stand out. Christian greeting cards! 100% profit margin, original art, scripture cards box sets. Do fundraising God's way! [Dallas, Pennsylvania] □

Lyziwraps - A fundraiser with a message - Lyziwraps offers reusable gift wrap and repurposed banner bags to encourage conservation and innovation in the next generation. [Denver, Colorado]

TR Presentations - Offers themed scrapbook kits that can be used by the consumer to make up to 6 scrapbook pages. Great for fundraising. Archival safe and reputable name brand products. [Hillsburgh, Ontario, Canada] □ M0505


African American Expressions - We are so excited you have chosen to be our customer. We have expanded our African American product line to help you have the best fundraising year ever! [Sacramento, California]

Charleston Wrap - We understand how important your fundraising goals are. Let us show you just how dedicated we are in helping you achieve them: giftwrap, frozen foods, snacks, cookie dough and pizza. [Walterboro, South Carolina]

Custom Studios - Turn a photo into beautiful cards for fund raising! Publicize your organization while raising funds. We'll convert a good-quality photo into distinctive Christmas or note cards. [Tappan, New York]

1st Place Fundraising - Incredible Charleston Wraps fundraising program brochures. Maximize your fundraising efforts with the highest quality giftwrap and products in the industry. [Jacksonville, Florida]

FundraisingZone - If you are planning a wrapping paper fundraiser then you have come to a company that can help. We offer offers elementary schools, PTA-PTSA leaders, booster club leaders, sports teams, school bands and other school groups a top-rated wrapping paper fundraiser brochure. [Oceanside, New York]

Great Day Fundraisers is a leader in wholesale distribution and service with a direct link to some of the finest products used in the fundraising industry: candy, giftwrap, candles, discount books and cookie dough. [Bakersfield, California]

Image Maker Enterprises - Journals, bookmarks, stationery, chocolate 'n card sets, and boxed cards. High quality and affordable gifts with scenic photographic image for your fundraiser. [Boise, Idaho]

Indiana Ribbon, Inc. - Gift Wrap assortments, ribbon in easy to use dispensers, packs of gift bows, and raffia have proven track records in fund raising for school projects. [Wolcott, Indiana]

Innisbrook - Highest quality gift-wrap available. Our fund-raising catalog includes a wonderful selection of candles, chocolates, gourmet foods, "tween" products and gifts for the home. Year round internet sales. [Greensboro, North Carolina]

KidsKards - Personalized greeting cards for school fundraisers. Students create artwork with student name and school logo printed on back side of each card. [Prairie Village, Kansas]

Maredy - Get ready for fall with our new fundraising catalog that features gift wrap, gifts and treats that everyone is sure to like. You will find a great selection of gift wrap fundraising ideas. [Poway]

Masterpiece Fundraising - Our customers are schools and community groups who need new and different products for their fundraising event: candles, wrapping paper, popcorn, cookies, magazines, flowers, coupon books, coffee and Christmas wreaths. [Portland, Oregon]

Mid-Atlantic Fundraising, Inc. has over 25 years of fundraising experience: candles, candy, giftwrap, kitchen items and magazines. Our goal is to provide a quality product and to assist our schools and volunteers in the entire fundraising process. [Annapolis, Maryland]

Mixed Blessing - Interfaith and multicultural holiday products for fundraising. [Raleigh, North, Carolina]

Resource Solutions - Highest profits paid in a variety of fundraisers for schools, churches, athletic organizations, clubs, scouts troops, groups of all kinds. We offer a great gift wrap fundraiser brochure. [Wichita, Kansas]

The Shades of Color fundraising program may be the perfect fundraising initiative for your nonprofit group, school, community organization, or charity.  Great African American alternative. [Gardena, California]

Williams Stationery Co., Inc. - Has been supplying the stationery fund raising needs of schools, churches and fraternal organizations since 1933.  Let us help you with your fund raising needs today. [Camden, New York]