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Donation Container Fundraiser

donation container charity box fundraiser

This is perhaps the simplest fundraising campaign you can do, and should bring in a steady stream of income all year long, month after month. You've seen them everywhere, donation containers emblazoned with the non-profit organization's name on it sitting on the check-out counter next to the register, encouraging folks to drop their spare change to help the cause, whatever the cause may be. Or maybe you've seen those big donation boxes at grocery stores and department stores for dropping off canned goods or toys for tots at Christmas time. Did you know some of them are specially designed so that only an authorized member of your group can open them? Did you ever notice that some of them are secured with a chain? Did you ever stop to wonder where the organization got the actual donation container from? Chances are they got them from one of the companies we have listed below, and they'd be happy to design a donation can, jar or box to boost your group's fundraising efforts.

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Desert Star Plastics provides acrylic products for fundraising programs. Collection/donation containers, brochure and sign holders, display cases. We manufacture custom acrylic products for your needs. [Phoenix, Arizona] □

Surfix Inc. fabricates museum quality acrylic donation containers, both pedestal and desk top units, with or without logos & engraved messages for churches, museum or other organization. Great fundraiser. [Palm Bay, Florida]

Value & Purpose - Charity donation cans, pushke or pushka, tzedakah boxes for fundraising. Our cans are reusable with a [secure] metal ring/plug bottom. Any order over 200 units we waive the artwork charge. [Granada Hills, California]


Displays2Go - Check out our most popular donation container product line! Acrylic donation box, coin collectors and charity fundraising box displays are in-stock and ready to ship. These charity collection boxes can be placed on a countertop, at a registration desk or can even be taken door-to-door for donation collections. [Bristol, Rhode Island]

Innovative Plastics - Our donation containers are perfect for all your fund raising needs.  Whether you need a small canister type donation box or a large floor standing donation / collection box we have what you need. [Huntington Beach, California]

Marshall Paper & Tube Co. - Collect spare coins for your charity, sports, church or organization or safely collect used razor-blades in our coin collection cans and charity donation containers. We have versions with slotted metal tops and non-removable tamper proof bottom or a re-usable version with removable plastic plug bottom.  Easy fundraiser. [Randolph, Massachusetts]

Plastics Products Mfg. - Placing a donation container in a high-traffic area can be an effective way to raise money for and spread awareness about a cause; when it comes to selecting a donation box, you have several options. The choice you make should vary depending on your needs and ultimate goals.  [Norco, California]

VisiPak Containers - Manufactures clear plastic donation containers with a clear unbreakable vinyl bottom. Includes top plugs with two slots for holding a stand-up message card. Great fundraiser. [Arnold, Missouri]

WWWAYNE, Inc. - If you are a charity looking to increase your fundraising donations you have come to the right website. All of our charity collection boxes, coin games and stands are produced to the highest. [Lutz, Florida]