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Discount Card Fundraiser

discount card fundraiser

Discount cards and books make great fundraisers. Local business love to contribute deals because for them, it's a great marketing tool. Your buyers will love them because they will save hundreds using them. And your organization will love them because they bring in a lot of fundraising dollars. Whether you decide on a card with 16 BOGO offers that can each be used once a month for a year, or a book chock full of various offers, or any of the other variations out there, it's sure to be a huge fundraising success for your organization. Cards and book covers can even be custom printed with a photo of your choosing, your group's logo, your team's mascot or just about any image you choose. The fundraising companies below have been doing discount cards and books for many years and they can answer any questions you might have when deciding on your next fundraiser.

Featured Discount Card Fundraising Companies - Your supporters will save big! - Who wouldn't pay $10 to save on their next twenty purchases, at their favorite local restaurants or store? You earn you up to 70% fund raising profit. Free customization! Free shipping! Get a free sample kit - toll free (1-888-440-4114) [Champlain, New York] - Plastic pizza cards, discount cards & Punch n Save cards for 22 years. No minimum order. 24 Hour turn-around. 75% profit for your group. [New Braunfels, Texas] - As the #1 website in the fundraising world, we go beyond the usual fundraising 'ideas' to bring groups like yours tried, true and profitable fundraising solutions. Our expert edge comes from our core of committed fundraising consultants who partner with you to understand your needs and ensure your success, regardless of the amount you need to raise or the cause you need to raise it for. Offering a variety of popular fundraising items like scratchcards, chocolate and cookie dough in addition to innovative fundraising tools like our unique (and free!) online fundraising platform, will get you to your goal -- every time.  [Champlain, New York]

Easy Fundraising Cards offers top quality fundraiser cards with profits up to 90%. Call us at 1-800-543-4371 to get started right away. We offer all-inclusive pricing, we get the merchants and design your cards then send you a proof. After that we print and ship the cards all with no upfront money in most cases. Simply stated, nobody else provides you with the same features and quality for a lower price! Want great local merchants? Have us get them and you will see why other discount card companies hire us to get the merchants for their cards!  [Englewood, Florida]

ValueCard Fundraisers - Make thousands in a weekend! Valuecards offer one-year discounts at local restaurants and businesses that you choose. Merchants' address and their deal (e.g. two for the price-of-one) are on back of the card, your group's color logo or photo is on the front. Students who sell 5 get one free. We send you a list of 50+ local businesses and will contact only those that you check off. 200 cards minimum. For groups fewer than 30 see our One-Dollar Bar fundraiser at, one case minimum and free shipping. (800) 725-8220.  [Lubbock, Texas]

More Discount Card Fundraising Companies - We offer several discount card programs. Huge profits! up to 100% profit fundraisers! Premier discount cards, Premier gold cards, Passport peel off cards and scratchcards. Also check out our other popular products. [Salem, Oregon] □

Card of Savings offers your organization fast, easy, and risk-free discount card fundraising campaigns. Our discount cards offer people a huge savings on restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and other services. [Pismo Beach, California] □

Champion Fundraising, Inc. offers easy and successful fundraising ideas for sports teams and schools. Check out our custom discount card fundraiser featuring local merchants that you select. Earn up to 70% profit! [Newville, Pennsylvania]

Dine and Discounts Omaha - Youth groups, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in the Omaha area will now have the opportunity to work with a fundraiser business that has a reputation of producing record high fundraising profits. [Omaha, Nebraska]

Extreme Fundraising Group provides extremely high profitable fundraising discount cards in your local area. Free to start. [Vancouver, Washington] □

Fundraising That Works - High profit, high value, community focused. Sell: $10; keep $8; 16 restaurants each making bogo free offers good once a month up to 12 times. Great variety, all local area. Discount card fundraiser. [Denver, Colorado] □

GMS Inc. - Discount card fundraising. Earn 50 - 80% profit. No risk fundraiser. We take back the unsold cards. We do all the merchant work. We print high quality full color cards. Call 1-866-268-0758. [Haubstadt, Indiana] □

Hometown Hero is not just another discount card. It's movement for schools, churches and teams. Ongoing renewal income. We keep paying your organization every year when members renew. [Kerrville, Texas]  □M0812

Jolly Badger - Founded and dedicated to providing affordable custom solutions to your project needs. We aim to become the trusted leader in fundraising discount cards, employees and student ID badges. [Waxhaw, North Carolina]  □

Merchant Value Pass is a full color high quality coupon book. We feature the finest restaurants, golf courses, entertainment venues in the community. This is a no risk, high return discount book fundraiser. [Corydon, Indiana]  □

One Source Fundraising & Promotions - Try our fast and easy 100% profit custom discount card fundraiser, the flash card! Up to 22 of your area businesses offer specials & discounts for 1 yr! (888-521-1821) [Valdosta, Georgia] □

Peel-Deal provides a means to fundraise & benefit communities. Cards make 50% or more profit while providing local advertising. Supporters get hundreds of  dollars in savings. [Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada] □

Premier Fundraising - We offer several discount card programs. Huge profits! up to 100% profit fundraisers! Premier discount cards, Premier gold cards, Passport peel off cards and scratchcards. Also check out our other popular products. [Salem, Oregon]

Sunset Coupons - The perfect fundraiser for Phoenix, Tempe / Mesa, Tucson or Salt Lake City. Call today 1-800-627-6340. We help non-profits, schools, churches & youth groups. [Phoenix, Arizona]  □

Vegas Fundraisers - We have 10 fundraising ideas for your consideration. Some traditional and some you have not seen before. Many of our ideas are designed to raise big money $5,000 and more. Call 702-656-9230 and ask for Eugene. [Las Vegas, Nevada] M1113


Above Ground Unlimited - A 25% off everything discount card fundraiser will provide exciting products to help with your cause. [Brentwood, New York]

America's Fundraising Network - The great thing about our discount card fundraiser is that you are selling a product that people want to buy.  The Shopping Pass is a credit card sized plastic card that gives your supporters access to over 100,000 printable and online discounts nationwide.  [Knoxville, Tennessee]

Americana Ventures, LLC - Our Community Fundraising Books are coupon books of mostly 2-for-the-price-of-1 discounts to local area restaurants, entertainment spots, shopping and service providers. They provide an excellent product for fundraisers which is why they are used by Atlanta area non-profit organizations, schools, clubs and churches to raise vitally needed funds. [Statham, Georgia]

Annah Marketing - Our discount cards offer an extra high percentage fundraiser with a product that appeals to everyone that wants to save money. You offer them real fundraising value and an over and over and over again money saving opportunity. [Indianapolis, Indiana]

A-Peeling Fund Raising, Inc. - Our fundraising program is simple. Your organization will sell credit card sized cards that have peel-off stickers for discounts from national restaurants.  The only people who can't use our card are people who don't eat! [Fort Thomas, Kentucky]

Appreciation Cards, LLC - Coupon cards that include discounts to many of your favorite companies, such as restaurants, grocery stores and various entertainment venues to categorize a few.  Discount card fundraising. [Portland, Oregon]

Atlantic Marketing With A-Peel - Our discount card fundraisers have brought local companies and fund-raising groups together to form a win-win situation: groups raise fund needed fro their activities and the merchants benefit from higher visibility and increased business.  [Nova Scotia, Canada]

Attractions Dining & Value Guide (DC Publishing) - Offers a fundraising program for schools, sports teams, churches, civic groups and any group needing a fundraiser. Thousands of groups rely on Attractions discount books as their primary program to raise funds every year.  [Greensboro, North Carolina]

Big Soo Coupon Book - We take great pride in supporting over 150 fundraisers for schools, churches, non-sponsored sports teams, and other non-profit organizations. With our 16th edition discount book, they raised over $50, 000 for their causes! [Sioux Falls, South Dakota]

Black Hills Coupon Book - People actually want to buy our fundraising discount book because they will save more money using it than it cost to buy. Plus they love the compact size. Finally a fundraising product you can be proud to sell!  [Rapid City, South Dakota]

Blue Heron Ent., Inc. - Are you tired of selling pepperoni pizzas, candy bars and lollipops? Are you making enough profit on your organization's fundraiser? Our discount card fundraiser program is designed to maximize the amount of return to your organization. [Bear, Delaware]

BOGO Blue Fundraising, Inc. - People love BOGO Blue fundraising discount cards because they save money each time they use it. Your group makes 50% profit on each BOGO Blue sale. No shipping/set-up charges, no minimums, and no change in profit based on your group size or order. [Colorado Springs, Colorado]

Calloway Value Card - Calloway is the original fundraising discount card, and we do it better than anybody because fundraising discount cards are our only business. [North Palm Beach, Florida]

Community Support Fundraising Co. - Affordable discount card fundraising for schools, teams, organizations and more. [Rio Rancho, New Mexico]

Custom Card Fundraising - We will provide your group all of the tools and paperwork to go and get the contracts for your discount card. 50% to 90% profits. [Carlsbad, California]

DeRango - Your school or organization may partner with DeRango to offer our quality frozen pizza products to your friends and family. It-s a "tasteful" fundraiser for any occasion. [Racine]

Dolphin Bay Fundraising - We offer any size group customizable fundraising options including: online fundraising, local area coupon books, artist designed t-shirts and product catalogs customized for your group's needs. [Tulsa, Oklahoma]

Durham Enterprises believes that as a fundraising company, it offers the most generous split (up to 70/30 split on discount products) in the industry. [McMinnville, Tennessee]

Educational Marketing, Inc. has been a trusted leader in the fundraising discount card industry for over 17 years. Our innovative product line, superior graphics and industry leading profit margins will maximize your groups fundraising potential and streamline your entire fundraising discount card promotion. [Carmel, Indiana]

Enhanced Fundraising Systems - Does your organization need $5000 to $25, 000? Contact us today to see how our discount certificates and books can solve your fundraising needs. [Boise, Idaho]

ESC Promotions - Reach your fundraising goals quick and easy with our discount cards and wide variety of other fundraising ideas! If you are looking for a unique fundraiser or a proven fundraising idea, we are here to help you achieve your fundraising goals! [Anderson, Indiana]

Entertainment Promotions -The Entertainment® coupon book fundraiser is one of the most popular fundraisers because people want coupons and the average book has over $15,700 in saving! Learn how your profit can be as high as $10 or more per unit sold! Entertainment has helped raise over $500 million in the last 10 years and knows what it takes to run a successful fundraiser. Offer your supporters a product that actually helps them save money and watch your profits skyrocket! Get your free fundraising kit today!! [Troy, Michigan]

ES Fundraising provides the highest quality fundraising products at the most competitive prices available. With ES, you have a great way to make the right turn for your organization's future with discount cards and product cards. [Vancouver, Washington]

Fantastic Fundraising currently produces discount coupon booklets throughout Southern California while mentoring fundraising companies throughout the U.S. [Hesperia, California]

Fundraising Florida - Providing fundraising solutions since 1991. World's Finest chocolate, Smencils, Little Caesar's pizza kits, Jelly Belly and more! [Cape Coral]

FundRays Inc. - We have been publishing fundraising coupon books for 19 years, and offering other fine fundraiser products such as magazines, giftwrap, frozen foods and cookie dough. [Pensacola, Florida]

Fundscrip - Finally a commonsense way for non-profit groups to transform everyday spending into contributions that make a difference - affinity card fundraising.   [Quebec, Canada]

Gift Checks Incorporated - If you want your group to have the easiest and most profitable discount book fundraiser around, look no further. [San Jose, California]

Great Harvest Bread Co. - Each Salt Lake Valley bakery can support up to two discount card fundraising programs a year for each of our neighboring high school areas. [Salt Lake Valley, Utah]

Great Lakes Scrip Center - Stop selling, start fundraising. When your non-profit organization takes advantage of scrip, your families earn money just by making their regular household purchases. [Kentwood, Michigan]

Innovative Funding, LLC - Our Smart Savings discount card program is a quick and easy fundraiser and generates great profits for large or small groups, no start-up cost and no risk, we have a full return policy. [Nashville, Tennessee]

Integrity Fundraisers, LLC - Our discount book fundraising program is 100% risk free and we do 95% of the work for you. [Grand Forks, North Dakota]

Krazy Kard Fundraising - The premier source for Domino's Pizza 2 for 1 discount card fundraisers.  Your cost only $2.00.  The cards retail for $10.00. We also give 10% to 20% of your order in additional free cards.  [Austin, Texas]

KY Fundraising - High profit, no hassle discount card fundraisers for Kentucky. We are the home of the statewide McDonalds Peeler Card. [Bowling Green, Kentucky]

Lets Go Fundraising - Need a quick, easy, risk-free discount card fundraiser? Find out how we consistently help teams and schools raise thousands of dollars in only two weeks! [Waikoloa, Hawaii]

Maine Athletic Fundraising - Every year teams depend on Maine Athletic Fundraising to help them reach their financial goals. We've spent years refining our program & have gained an understanding of what works & what doesn't in fundraising. [Biddeford, Maine]

Midas Hawaii - Make money selling Midas Hawaii state safety check inspections. Your organization can sell certificates good for a Midas Hawaii state safety check inspection for $12 and keep $4.  [Waipahu, Hawaii] 

MyCityDeals offers discounts of all kinds. You are looking at the greatest and easiest fundraising tool for non-profit organizations. [Murfreesboro, Tennessee]

My Local Deals, Inc. - 70% fundraiser profit guaranteed. Most fundraising companies offer 30-50%. We give $7 back for every $10 discount book sold. Everyone uses discount coupons in this economy. [Eau Claire, Wisconsin]

Niles & Associates, Inc. - Offers a discount card, customizable, up to 50% profit, no up-front costs, create repeat business, one card, thousands of discounts. [Portage, Michigan]

Omaha Smart Card - Fundraising with our discount card offers a high profit margin for your school fundraisers or any organization needing fundraising assistance. [Omaha, Nebraska]

Our Town and All Around - Whatever your group supports, we've got the discount book fundraiser to help reach your goal. [Mayfield Heights, Ohio]

Partners for Kids - Specializes in community-wide fund-raising campaigns for public education with checkbooks, smart cards and message boards. [Knoxville, Tennessee]

Pocket Peelers - Fundraising by selling this new pocket size peel-off fundraising discount coupon card. We service Wisconsin organizations of all types and sizes. [Wauwatosa, Wisconsin]

RaiseSomeDough - Pizza card fund-raising with Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut and Papa John's or a home town favorite. [Hudsonville, Michigan]

RonDino Promotions, Inc. - For this year's fundraiser we would like you to consider using the #1 personalized discount card in the industry today. We do all the work in contacting the businesses and in most cases there are no up-front fundraising costs at all! [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

Savings Sidekick - Our discount coupon book is the perfect fundraising idea and a great way for you to save money at local businesses while supporting local organizations. [Omaha, Nebraska]

Scholars Discount Card - Our 2 discount card programs enable you to pinpoint your profits dependent upon your own level of involvement. [Riverside, California]

School Coupons - The system-wide school coupons program offers the highest retained earnings in the fundraising industry. [Knoxville, Tennessee]

SchoolHeart, Inc.® and the hCard® program will save your supporters hundreds of dollars and give them discounts in your community and across the nation.  [Raleigh, North Carolina]

Sports Fundraising Network, LLC - Tired of selling that same old discount card or coupon book? Or frustrated that another team is doing so, leaving you with limited options? We have your solution: our pizza key tag discount fundraiser!  [Fishers, Indiana]

The Discount Card - Up to 80% fund raising profit. Card features 12 to 15 businesses in your town which offer discounts on products and services to cardholders in your local area. Great Fundraiser! (888-293-9290)  [Valdosta, Georgia]

The VIP Card, Inc. - If you are looking for non-profit discount card fundraising, trying to raise money for your schools, or looking to create a fabulously fun church fundraiser, look no further than The VIP Card. [Newhall, California]

TriQuest -  Discount card fundraisers are the ideal choice for fundraising and an leader in the industry in helping Draper, UT high schools raise funds quickly with discount cards. [ Draper, Utah]

United Scrip - Change the focus of your fundraising activities today by making every purchase profitable for your organization! Scrip makes fundraising easy. You make it count! [Seneca, South Carolina]

Westmoreland Fund Raising - We  service non-profit organizations throughout South Western PA looking for a discount booklet fund-raiser. [Greensburg, Pennsylvania]

Xtraman Fundraising provides the nation's #1 fundraising cards. Providing the most and best discounts in the industry, it's easy to see why organizations sell more of their fundraising cards than any other provider. With no upfront costs or minimum order, they ensure that every organization is extremely successful.  [Glendale, Arizona]

Your City Sampler makes fundraising simple by bringing discount cards with local and national brands together within the community to make them easily accessible for fundraisers. [Kansas City, Missouri]