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Catalog & Brochure Fundraiser

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Catalog & brochure fundraising is one of the most common fundraising campaigns out there. We all love to peruse a catalog full of interesting items, beautiful jewelry, Christmas decorations, or whatever interests us. Often we'll look at the catalog, without really planning on purchasing anything, but then we see that one item we just HAVE to own! Wouldn't it be nice to take the guilt out of these impulse purchases by providing a good cause to back it up? That's the genius behind catalog and brochure fundraising campaigns! Another great perk is that it's easy to arm your members and volunteers with catalogs and order sheets and send them off to their workplaces to offer their co-workers a chance to buy something they'll love for a great cause. No one need go door to door, although you certainly could if you wanted to. You could make a contest of it, and offer a prize for the member who makes the most sales- maybe an item of their choice from the catalog- just an idea. Take a look at the catalogs offered below and see if you don't find one that fits in nicely with your organization- you just might find your next great fundraising success right here!

Featured Catalog & Brochure Fundraising Companies - Best selling order-takers! - No money up front fundraising! Everything from gift-wrap to first-aid kits, nuts and snacks, holiday shoppers, frozen cookie dough and pizza, flowers, aromatherapy products and-Earn up to 55% fund raising profit! Free fundraising brochures! Free shipping! Get a free sample kit - toll free (1-888-440-4114) [Champlain, New York] - As a leading figure in the North American fundraising industry, eFundraising provides non-profit groups with quality products, low prices and excellent service. Enjoy quick and easy profits via a wide range of both traditional and online fundraising options like cookie dough (featuring flavors by Paula Deen!), candy bars, scratchcards, magazine, discount cards, beef jerky, online fundraising stores and so much more. Serving students, educators, athletes, communities, and do-good organizations with a personalized touch that fits individual fundraising needs, eFundraising, together with Great American Opportunities, has helped groups raise over 3 billion dollars! Call today; we're here to help!  [Champlain, New York] - Want something different? We have a variety of unique and profitable programs such as - holiday shopper, fall flower seeds, candles, and gourmet snacks. Brochure fundraising has something to meet every groups needs. Call 800-991-8779 to get started with your free selling kits.  [Houston, Texas]
 Tom-Wat Fundraising - Committed to helping all types of groups raise funds since 1951. Whether you need to raise a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars we have a program to help you reach your goals. A wide variety of fundraising programs available: gift catalogs, magazine store, gourmet lollipops, chocolate bars, cookie dough, Auntie Anne's pretzel and cinnamon buns, candles, jewelry and much more. Visit our website at or call us toll-free at 800-243-9250. With over 60 years experience we make it easy for you! [Ansonia, Connecticut]
Nature's Vision Fundraising - Fundraising for a greener world! Over 150 top quality environmentally themed products including Animal Planet, World Wildlife Fund and organic tee shirts. Gift products include Nature's Gallery jewelry, natural soy candles, Bamboo collection, 100% cotton towels, and recycled material mugs. Nature's Vision fundraiser will help promote a positive image for your school and raise your student's environmental awareness. Free fundraising materials, individually packed orders, great prize program and group organizer bonuses. Hop on over to Nature's Vision and sign up for the best environmental fundraiser on the planet by calling us at 888-303-7533.  [Freehold, New Jersey] - As the #1 website in the fundraising world, we go beyond the usual fundraising 'ideas' to bring groups like yours tried, true and profitable fundraising solutions. Our expert edge comes from our core of committed fundraising consultants who partner with you to understand your needs and ensure your success, regardless of the amount you need to raise or the cause you need to raise it for. Offering a variety of popular fundraising items like scratchcards, chocolate and cookie dough in addition to innovative fundraising tools like our unique (and free!) online fundraising platform, will get you to your goal -- every time.  [Champlain, New York]
Spirit of America - Call today to request a free brochure of fundraising ideas. From cookie dough to candy to safety products and much more, Spirit of America offers something for everyone. Call today 1-800-628-3671.  [Montgomery, Alabama]
Celebrating Home Fundraising - (Home Interiors, H&GP) Easy to sell cookie dough, seasonal soy candles, gift wrap/gift bags, food mixes, and more. Quality products at reasonable prices, generous profits, no money upfront, full-color professional brochures, youth prize program, presorting option, free shipping with low qualifying order, receive brochures within 4 days, product delivery within 9 days. Don't miss the opportunity to discover what Celebrating Home Fundraising can offer your organization. Visit our website to request free information and to learn more. (888-209-0613)   [Granby, Connecticut]
WOW! Fundraising - 21 must see fundraisers, free samples. Cookie dough, Zap-a-Snack pizza, cheesecakes, trash bags, Smencils, lollipops, candy, candy bars, snacks, scratchcards & more! We help any size group raise funds! - 100% guaranteed - call us now! (888-203-7168) [Fort Wayne, Indiana]
The Goodies Factory offers a wide variety of fundraising products including cookie dough, candy bars, lollipops, gourmet snacks, cheesecake & desserts, pizza kits, flowers, seasonal brochures, snacks & gourmet foods, coffee, magazines, subs & sandwiches, restaurant cards and inflatables. Our staff of friendly and knowledgeable sales coordinators will help make your fundraiser easier and more profitable and our incentive program is designed to reward and motivate your participants with a great selection of multi-level prizes for different sales levels. Please visit our website or call 1-877-873-6297 for additional information. [Holland, Michigan]
Uncle Jerry's T's - America's favorite tee shirt, beach towel and gift fundraising company featuring something for everyone! Thirty years of fundraising success helping thousands of groups raise millions of dollars selling our top quality, affordably priced products.  Free fundraising materials, individually packed orders, great prize program and group organizer bonuses. Number one in shipping and customer service. Easiest and most successful fundraiser you'll ever do. Call today 800-556-2887. [Freehold, New Jersey]
Southern Fundraising - Full service company offering fresh ideas, cutting edge products and the proven classics. We will help your organization earn money. Pizza kits, cookie dough, desserts, lollipops, kettle corn, Jelly Belly, gourmet snacks, popcorn, pretzel rods, seasonal brochures, candles, first aid kits, jewelry, decorator flags and more, including online options. Our consultants will help you find the perfect fundraiser for your group. Incentive programs designed to reward and motivate your participants. Day care, elementary, middle and high schools, cheer groups, music programs, leagues and teams, ROTC, HOSA etc. Serving the US. 1-877-267-2477. [Peachtree City, Georgia]

More Catalog & Brochure Fundraising Companies

Decal Your Decor is dedicated to helping enrich the lives of children & adults throughout schools, sports teams, youth groups or any other organizations with our fundraising program. [Calgary, Alberta, Canada] □

Fundraising to the Max - Offering a wide variety of products, programs, events and tools for any group. New and unique brochure fundraising ideas with high profits! [Saugus, Massachusetts]  □

Southern Carolina Fundraising - Full service company with a great selection of product brochures and programs. We are also the SC distributor for Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes® - the in-school holiday shop. [Belton, South Carolina] □ 

Total Concepts in Fundraising provides successful catalog fundraising for your organization! We guide you step-by-step all the way, providing a customized experience, brochures, emphasizing motivation and safety. [Duncansville, Pennsylvania] □ 


ABC Fund Raising, Inc. has been Colorado's brochure fundraising company for 23 years. We are a proud, family-owned, Colorado business that stores, packs, and delivers quality fundraising products straight from our Greenwood Village warehouse. [Greenwood Village, Colorado]

American Concepts - We have over 30 years fundraising experience. From brochure sales to cookie dough, magazines and McDonald's coupons, we have it all! [Dallas, Texas]

American Fundraising Services, Inc. - Using years of professional experience and volunteer work, we have built our business on solid, reliable personal service and innovative brochure product lines [Tampa, Florida]

Anderson's Party Time Fundraising, LLC - Large enough to supply you with fundraising brochures for the products and services you want but small enough to give you the personal attention you deserve!! [Berlin, Wisconsin]

A to Z Fund Raising - We provide fundraising products and programs for many sports leagues, schools, groups and teams throughout Northern California: gourmet desserts, seasonal catalogs and duffle bags. [Livermore, California]

Big Event Fundraising - We specialize in elementary, middle and high school fundraisers. Our thrilling fundraiser prize programs motivates more students to sell items from their brochure. [Corpus Christie, Texas]

Calloway Value Card - Calloway is the original fundraising discount card, and we do it better than anybody because fundraising discount cards are our only business. [North Palm Beach]

Carole Joy Creations, Inc. - Wide range of social expression products with beautiful museum quality art and sensitive verses designed by and for people who share African Heritage. Earn up to 50% of fundraising sales. [Brookfield, Connecticut]

Century Resources, Inc. - No money up front, up to 30 different combinations of fundraising product brochures for maximum variety, quality, and profit. Easy to organize, easy to implement, and easy to process! [Columbus, Ohio]

Creative Fundraising Solutions was created for the purpose of helping organizations raise necessary funds. Our goal was to provide non-profit groups customized fundraising services and quality fundraising brochures at competitive prices. [West Monroe, Louisiana]

Cristoline Company is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional brochure programs featuring fine quality merchandise, including many exclusive product lines, designed to maximize their fundraising efforts.  [North Kingstown, Rhode Island] 

Daniels Fundraising - From Beary Thoughtful Bears to sports memorabilia, brochure fundraisers, frozen food and holiday gift shops, you are sure to find a fundraising program suited to your needs! All our fundraising programs are packed by seller! [Mansfield, Texas]

Dielman Fundraising Sales strives for the best standards of customer service and fulfillment of products in fundraising. We will provide you with every tool to run a successful catalog fundraiser. Brochures, frozen foods and candy. [British Columbia, Canada]

DMI - a full-service fundraising company helping schools, clubs and leagues raise millions since 1980. Catalog offerings include gifts & wrap, frozen foods, Fannie May boxed chocolates, magazines and more.  [Valparaiso, Indiana] 

Express Industries is a full service fundraising company that specializes in helping schools and youth sports organizations raise funds through any of our several fundraising programs including frozen foods and brochure sales. [Houston, Texas]

Fortune Fundraising, Inc. - From school-wide sales to dance studios to sports teams, we have provided successful fundraising brochures for over 20 years. [Long Beach, California]

4 Seasons Fundraising - 4 Seasons has been offering "make sense" brochure fund raising programs in the mid-west since 1970. [Norwalk, Iowa]

Fund Raising Company of America, Inc. - The fundraising products and confectionaries in our custom brochure fundraisers are hand-picked by our own staff and customers. [Troy, Michigan]

Gateway Fund Raising Service, Inc. offers a variety of order taker fundraising programs and in-hand sale fundraiser items that will work for any fundraiser. [Concord, California]

Gifts 'N Things, Inc. - Let the full service catalog fund raiser experts help to make you successful! [Fleetwood, Pennsylvania]

Golden Gate Fundraising has proudly served California schools, youth organizations and sports leagues since 1989 with fundraising brochures and seasonal gift catalogs. [Vacaville, California]

Great Lakes Promotions - Our brochure fundraising drives are often a child's first taste of volunteer service and they allow them to build self-esteem, social skills, and develop community spirit. [Lowell, Michigan]

Harmison's Hometown Fundraising - Our main goal is to provide non-profit organizations quality fundraising products at a fair price while offering several quality fundraiser brochures and the kind of customer service and personal touch they deserve. [Indianola, Iowa]

Haygar Enterprises - Our fund raising product catalogs are of the highest quality and are priced very attractively to enable you and your group to maximize profits while offering your community only the best. [Oakville, Ontario, Canada]

Heart of Texas Fundraising - We provide parent letters, fundraising brochures for the sale, computer tallying, student packing and a prize program. We provide our excellent services from the start of the sale until your fundraiser is completed. [Whitney, Texas]

HolyBears teddy bears were originally conceived as a fundraiser for religious organizations, churches and schools to support their activities, and to promote the message of the Holy Bible. [Houston, Texas]

It' s A Black - Our Annie Lee and Harriet Rosebud fundraiser program provides an excellent opportunity to raise funds for your projects and events. Our African American program offers over 100 home decor and collectible items that will help make your fundraising project a success.

Kastle Kreations Fundraising - We are one of the largest independent fundraising companies in America...more and more schools come back to Kastle Kreations, year-after-year for their brochure fundraising needs! [South Amboy, New Jersey]

Kleinhenn Company - Explore our site and check out the fundraising catalogs we offer for schools, churches, organizations and individuals. [Anderson, Indiana]

Malibu Media - We carry a large assortment of fundraising products and programs and will professionally counsel you on what works best for your type of organization. Our 30 plus years of experience in providing exceptional service and results will point you in the right direction. [Upper Saddle River, New Jersey]

Meadow Farms Fundraising - Our fundraising company is the best at what we do, not only with quality brochure program, but with fulfillment and customer service. After all, isn't that what your customers are expecting in a fundraiser? [Agawam, Massachusetts]

Michael Lott Fund Raising Specialist - Our philosophy is to provide your organization with the highest quality product, prompt customer service, and the most profitable fundraising brochure opportunities available. [Jackson, Mississippi]

Mink & Company - Choose the best fundraiser for your organization. Decide which catalog fundraiser will best accomplish your needs and goals. Be committed to the process. Success is largely determined on your level of commitment to see the fundraising process through to completion. [Abingdon, Virginia]

Paragon Promotions has safely conducted more than 18,000 brochure fundraising programs involving over 700,000 school children and youth groups. [Evansville, Illinois]

Pine River - We've been supplying school groups and community organizations with program brochures and products for their fund raisers since 1982. [Newton, Wisconsin]

Prestige Fund Raising, Inc. offers custom fundraising brochures that emphasize quality at reasonable prices and we warehouse all of our fundraising brochure and catalog products. [Farmington, New York]

Schairbaum Enterprises - Providing value-oriented fundraising catalog programs to schools and organizations in the 16 counties surrounding Dayton for almost 40 years. We offer quality products at fair prices for fair profits. [Dayton, Ohio]

Signature Fundraising, Inc. is proud to offer our fundraising brochure program which includes items and gifts, and the best part is that your fundraiser can earn up to 50% [Lancaster, California]

Spirit of America - Call today to request a free brochure of fundraising ideas. From cookie dough to candy to safety products and much more, offers something for everyone. Call today 1-800-628-3671.  [Montgomery, Alabama]

Star City Fundraising - Allow me to use my experience as an active PTA advocate and my knowledge of the fundraising industry to help your group reach your fundraising goals. I would love to meet with you to show you my lines and sample fundraising brochures for your review. [Roanoke, Virginia]

Successful Fundraisers - Fundraising for science camp, computers, trips, band equipment, uniforms, etc? Try our cookie dough and catalogs for your next fundraiser.  [San Jose, California]

Superb Fundraising - 100% unconditional money back guarantee on all fundraising products and prizes! Full refund, and you keep the fundraiser profit! Brochures, frozen foods and holiday shoppes. [Edinboro, Pennsylvania]

TLC Fundraising & Promotions - We have lots of great fundraising programs: frozen foods, brochure catalogs, student planners, discount cards, screen printing, embroidered apparel, children's store and school supplies. [Tyler, Texas]

TMK Enterprises, Inc. - Brochure fundraisers are pre-sale fundraising programs where the sellers take orders ahead of time for product and return the orders to the group's sponsor. TMK Fundraising then delivers the group's fundraising items! [Fort Wayne, Indiana] - Newest and most unique product line ever including the all new Original Jelly Belly fundraiser & Enviro Vogue Designer Totes! Dare to compare our prices for candy, beef jerky, as they are the lowest on the internet!  Call us today at 1-530-605-1183. [Redding, California]

Watts Fundraising - Offers catalogs full of fund raising cookie dough, muffin dough, coffee, mugs, wrapping paper, pretzels, candy, confections, and gifts.  [Round Rock, Texas]