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The 1000+ independent fundraising companies in our directory can provide traditional, unique, and even bizarre fundraising products and ideas for your next fundraiser.  You can quickly review top U.S. and Canadian fundraising companies offering a wide variety of popular fundraiser products and services using our product category or location indexes. If a fundraising site isn't listed, it's probably because it can't measure up to the competition! We know that fundraising to support your programs and special projects is time consuming and hard work, regardless of the size of your group or its interests. We try to make your efforts a little easier by providing a wide variety of fundraising companies and products from which to choose.  Review all fundraising products!

Fundraiser Product Ideas

So, you have been "chosen" to head up the next fundraiser for your group. One of your biggest decisions is often deciding what type of fundraiser to do. We have combed the Internet to find every conceivable fundraising option for your review.  The most popular fundraiser products have traditionally been candles, candy, catalogs, cause related, cheesecake, Christmas, coffee, cookbooks, cookie dough, discount cards, eco friendly, first aid, flower bulbs, greeting cards, magazines, online, pasta, popcorn, scratch cards, snacks, something different, special events, spirit, t-shirts, and a wide variety of unique surprises ... one of which may be perfect for your next fundraiser. In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in online fundraising, healthy food products and products that are environmentally friendly.  Your best course of action is to review all the fundraising categories to see which is the best "fit" for you. 

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Finding a Fundraiser Company

The majority of fundraising companies on our site are located in the United States but we have also included a wide variety of excellent companies in Canada. Most companies in either location can service your fundraiser regardless of where you live. Since some groups feel more comfortable conducting their fundraiser with someone in their own geographic area, we have included both state and province listings to assist in your search. We have also included listings in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom for groups outside of North America.

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